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The eye of fire teaches you to identify galvanized steel strand

About the understanding of galvanized steel strand I think most friends are not very clear, if there is no demand, we may not go to understand in daily life, if you need to understand today, so please follow the footsteps of galvanized steel strand manufacturers to understand it.

As the name implies the galvanized steel strand is made up of a number of wire twisted and become a kind of product, and then through the surface of the processing, according to the requirements in a layer of zinc or aluminium plating on the surface of the product, thus, steel strand can be processed according to the demand, but people when choosing the galvanized steel strand or confused, I don't know what to choose. Let's study together.

First look at the appearance, we can use the cursor card measuring tool to measure the actual size of the product is qualified, some manufacturer will give rebar do some hands and feet above, say, flattened state, this is a deviation on our vision, so we should start from the reinforced check, is oval in shape, because the normal steel strand of words should be based on circular of the state of the present. Another is to distinguish from the appearance of the steel wire. Actually it is not difficult to distinguish, want everybody to be able to examine carefully carefully only, do not have rough feeling, do not have scar, manufacturer, batch number, specification what icon is all ready to serve. There is to avoid buying unqualified products as far as possible to choose a little larger manufacturers, because the large manufacturers more complete equipment and facilities.

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