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Introduction and development status of cold drawn steel wire

Cold drawn steel wire is made by hot rolling disc through many times of drawing, among which cold drawn low carbon steel wire and cold drawn low alloy wire are also drawn in this way. Below small make up on the "cold drawn steel wire introduction and development status" to make an introduction to everyone, interested in the junior partner to look down.

1. Introduction of cold drawn steel wire

So-called cold drawn steel wire is round steel of stainless steel material, two kinds are raw material with slab, the steel wire that produces through cold drawing. Cold drawing is at room temperature, the steel plate will be further rolled thin to the desired thickness of the wire, cold drawing after the appearance is smooth, but the general cold rolling roll is relatively fragile, is not suitable for secondary processing, so generally before the customer, after annealing, pickling process, so that the steel roll surface can be delivered after leveling.

2. Development status of cold drawn steel wire

Cold drawn steel wire is required to have a high enough holding strength and durable plasticity, in order to ensure the high temperature, especially in some special conditions can be sustained and safe operation. Cold drawing flat steel production can be divided into three types: hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. The global economy is relatively depressed, and our country in this form, the speed of economic development is also a rapid decline, the domestic demand for cold-drawn steel wire has declined significantly, the foreign import and export volume is also rapidly shrinking. Many cold-drawn steel wire entities have been affected. In the present form, the future development of the international economy will be further deteriorated, which brings a lot of uncertain factors to the development of China's cold-drawn steel wire enterprises. In recent years, under the influence of the global economic crisis, China's economy is increasingly depressed and its development speed is rapidly decreasing. The domestic production supply exceeds the demand, and the export volume is also reduced sharply, which has caused a certain impact on many enterprises. At present, our economic prospects are not very bright, there are still many uncertain factors, so we should combine the market environment at the same time, but also strive to improve their ability, two hands.

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