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Wire rope should specifically test these items


First of all, why do we need to test the wire rope?

1. R&D and use for reference: Through testing foreign products, using the most cutting-edge technology to guide the development of domestic steel wire rope testing, and drawing on the experience of the international steel wire rope industry to develop new steel wire rope processing technology.

2. Commercial inspection report: The national quality inspection department and the seller require the quality inspection report of the wire rope. Qualification test report required to enter the online store.

3. Prevention of safety accidents: data collection through multiple use of wire ropes, fusion analysis, and scientific analysis to determine the use of wire ropes. According to the analysis of the damage situation of the steel wire rope, symptomatically provide corresponding maintenance programs to ensure the normal relationship between the friction pairs during the operation of the steel wire rope, and truly realize the scientific use of the rope.

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Secondly, what are the test items for wire rope?

The steel wire rope inspection items mainly include twisting, wire diameter, rope warp, tensile strength, oiling, repeated bending test, number of torsion, broken whole rope, loss of metal cross-sectional area, local damage, etc. It is worth mentioning that the steel wire rope friction It is also best to test the liner. Specific testing items include density, hardness, tensile elastic modulus, elongation at break, compressive modulus, bending stress, bending strength, compressive strength, impact strength, tensile strength, wear, friction coefficient, wear rate, wear, etc. project.


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