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What are the characteristics of Steel Wire Rope?

Steel Wire Rope is a helical wire bundle that twists steel wires with mechanical properties and geometric dimensions that meet the requirements according to certain rules. The steel wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core and grease. The steel wire rope is first twisted into strands by multiple layers of steel wires, and then twisted into a helical rope by a certain number of strands with the rope core as the center. In material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying. The steel wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable operation, not easy to break suddenly and reliable operation.

Features of Steel Wire Rope
1. Steel wire ropes can transmit loads over long distances.
2. The bearing safety factor is large, and the use is safe and reliable.
3. Light weight, easy to carry and transport.
4. Can withstand a variety of loads and variable loads.
5. Has high tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness.
6. Under high-speed working conditions, it has good wear resistance, shock resistance and good running stability.
7. It has good corrosion resistance and can work normally in harsh environments with various harmful media.

8. Good softness, suitable for traction, pulling, bundling and other purposes.

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