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How does the steel wire rope resist corrosion?

Wire rope is an important component with high strength, good elasticity, light weight and good flexibility. It is widely used in many industries such as machinery, shipbuilding, mining, metallurgy and forestry.

1. Brush oil within the prescribed period;
2. The steel wire rope shall not be in contact with water or other corrosive substances;
3. Adopt galvanized steel wire rope.

There are two anticorrosion measures for steel wire rope: coating and coating.

Oiling: all wire ropes must be oiled. The fiber core is immersed in oil, and the grease is required to protect the fiber core from rot and corrosion, moisten the fiber, and lubricate the wire rope from the inside. The surface coating oil makes all the steel wire surface in the rope strand evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust lubricating grease, which for the friction lifting and large mine water mine rope, to be coated with wear and water-resistant black grease; Other USES are coated with film, rust resistance good red oil grease, and requires a thin layer, easy to keep clean in the process of operation.

Coating: galvanized, aluminum, nylon or plastic coating. Galvanized steel wire after the first plating thin coating and galvanized steel wire after the thick coating, the mechanical properties of the thick coating than smooth steel wire rope is somewhat reduced, should be used in serious corrosion environment. Aluminized steel wire rope is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and heat-resistant than galvanized steel wire rope. It is mainly used in fishing trawl ships and mines containing H2S. It is produced by plating before drawing. Nylon or plastic coated wire rope coated rope and coated after two kinds of rope. The former is used for static cables and the latter for moving cables.

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