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Phosphate coated steel wire rope

The patented technology of phosphating-coated steel wire rope, also known as manganese-based phosphating wear-resistant coated steel wire rope, or phosphating steel wire rope for short, phosphating the rope-making steel wire, the phosphating film makes the surface of the steel wire more wear-resistant and improves its anti-corrosion ability. The porous structure of the phosphating film can increase the amount of grease stored on the surface of the rope steel wire, reduce the friction factor and promote sliding, delay the occurrence of fretting damage on the surface of the steel wire, inhibit the initiation of fatigue microcracks, and greatly extend the service life of the wire rope. The patented technology of chemical-coated steel wire rope is the first time in the field of steel wire rope that surface treatment measures have been adopted to suppress the occurrence of fretting fatigue.
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