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Introduction and development prospects of steel wire ropes

Wire rope slings are processed with steel wire ropes as raw materials, and the ropes mainly used for hoisting, traction, tensioning and load-bearing are called steel slings. Steel wire slings can be divided into several types according to different processing methods: insert-knitting steel wire slings; pressed steel wire slings, etc. Among them, the insert-knitting steel wire rope sling is to process one or both ends into a circular ring shape by inserting. The types of steel wire ropes used in the manufacture of slings include phosphating-coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope.
The development of steel wire slings in our country has made great progress, and the technical cooperation between China and foreign countries has been continuously formed to improve relevant technical standards. As a member of the promotion of the development of steel wire slings, Dongfang Lishen has also achieved major breakthroughs in the steel, The cooperative applications in the chemical, transportation, and port industries are quite mature.
Industry experts predict: In the future, the development of the domestic industry may form a broad pattern with the Chinese market as its base, and the depth and breadth of the world market will continue to expand. Such development opportunities deserve the active attention of steel wire rope manufacturers.
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